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FootiePrint Half-Time Survey - What our customers think!

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

In January we asked our current customer base - 20-odd non-league footie clubs - to tell us what they think of us! We don't ever presume everything is hunky dory, and that our services are 100% on point. There's always room for improvement, and any business who pretends there isn't and that they are perfect is deluded!

So we devised a short survey to find out what the club officials, the majority of whom are volunteers at non-league football clubs from step 2 to step 8, really think of our service, our communication, and the programmes we provide their clubs.

Below are the questions posed, and the results given, as lifted directly in screen shots from the survey. The detail here is 100% genuine, and we appreciate all answers given, whether praising our service or being slightly critical. It all allows us to focus on areas for improvement, while sustaining the features our clients like about what we do.

So, thank you to those who responded, and gave testimonials for use on our site and social media - these are listed below. And one lucky customer has earned a 15% discount on their next programme, having won the draw of all entries. See below for the winner!


Question 1

18 of 21 respondents gave us a resounding 'Excellent', with 3 marking us as 'Good'. We are happy with that, but we plan to ensure this time next year the 3 'Goods' are turned in to 'Excellents'!

Question 2

The result of this question is very pleasing, as we try to be accessible at all waking hours. Football programmes aren't a 9-5 job - the volunteers involved commit to compiling content at all times of the day, so our philosophy is that we should be available when they need us. Our email is always open and contact number is always on (unless we are in a cinema, because that's just rude!). In short, contact us and we will get back to you in no time at all.

Question 3

Another pleasing result, as we always try and help with customer queries and concerns as fast as we can. Likewise, we will go over and above to help get programmes complete, and will always attempt to reduce the workload for our customers.

For example, non of the clubs we work with have to provide league tables for updates, as we source them ourselves, and we also take an interest in all the clubs we work for .... we are consistently the first to 'like' a twitter post when a goal goes in on a Saturday or the three points are won! We genuinely support all the teams we work with and cheer them on in every game!

Question 4

We are constantly looking to update our design skills and knowledge, and for next season all clubs will be offered a full re-design free of charge. For those who rated our designs as less than excellent, we will strive to improve. It is worth noting however, that the one 'average' vote was actually a programme we don't design ourselves, but provide a print service for. But, we are more than happy to work with programme designers at clubs to help improve the look and content of their programmes. A bit of mutual programme-based back scratching!

Question 5

Question 6

Taking questions 5 & 6 together .... One of our key goals when starting FootiePrint was allowing clubs to produce quality programmes at a good price, so the result of question 6 is pleasing - although with 9 of 21 respondents giving a 'good' rather than 'excellent' vote, there's clearly work to do.

In terms of print quality, we identified some issues earlier in the season which were handled immediately, and the extreme majority of jobs this season have been of a high quality. We constantly badger our print shop staff to ensure programmes are the best quality, and will always monitor this and take action if needed. An issue of blank pages (extra pages fed through the printer, rather than loss of content) was discovered in some programmes and mentioned to the print shop manager.

Printing costs are always kept as low as possible, and we have scoured the UK to find a print partner who provides a service with high-quality digital printing, quick turnaround, next-day delivery as standard, and all at a good price. Equally important was a printer who understands programmes, and the need for fast delivery of time-sensitive material. From 300+ jobs delivered this season to mid-February, only 2 issues in delivery have occurred - a 0.66% negative. But for us, that's 0.66% too much. Again, we will strive to hit 5 out of 5 in the future!

And finally, our design and set-up fees are probably some of the lowest out there for production of football programmes. We won't and never will fleece clubs and individuals with high labour charges. We love creating programmes, so the more we can do for lower fees is great for us. We'd rather work with 50 clubs and make £5 per hour, than charging £40 per hour to 5 clubs. In short - we aren't greedy, and as long as our bills are paid, food is on the table, and we can occasionally afford to go and watch the newest Marvel film 4 or 5 times on release, that's grand!

Question 7

This question is self-explanatory - we wanted to know what else we could do to improve our offer to clubs. Design and Print Quality were high scorers here, which we covered previously.

For next season we hope to give clubs a set of design examples to choose styles and fonts. We create bespoke programmes, so templates and set designs aren't our thing. But clubs should have more of a choice in fonts, colours and layout.

Clubs are also interested in increased social media promotion of programmes... and with that in mind, as from next season we will be utilising Twitter and Instagram (we don't do Facebook!) and promote programmes prior to matches for those clubs happy for us to do so. Hopefully an increase in sales will occur!

Regarding deadlines, we psychically can't make them any later if we want to offer a turnaround that works alongside our print partner and next day delivery service. We send all Saturday programmes to print by bed-time Wednesday, for printing on Thursday and delivery on Friday. This allows up to date stats and tables from midweek games.

Question 8

This is very good to see, as we are of course reliant on repeat business, both full season programmes and individual jobs. We recognise no-one owes us a living, so we work hard to keep our customers happy. If we keep all our current club partners for the 2020-21 (and add some new ones hopefully) we can claim to be a successful business! But still... we want to improve, and turn those 6 'very likely' votes into 'extremely likely' certainties! We will aim to do just that!



As part of the survey we asked our club partners to provide a short testimonial for use online and on social media. We present them here in an unedited format for your reading pleasure! Thank you to all those listed below for your kind words!

We have found Footie Print really easy to deal with. All the programmes have been designed and printed to a very high standard and the delivery deadlines have been achieved. Thank You. Nicky Chambers, Hungerford Town FC

Footie Print were essential in the provision of a programme at our charity football tournament last summer. There was a constant dialogue, friendly and useful advice and the design quality was superb. Really enjoyed the experience and will be back for more!

Paul Gutteridge, Caversham United

Can't fault anything. Excellent in every department. Alan Wilson, Goole AFC

Extremely helpful and understanding of the issues associated with non-league programmes. Would definitely recommend to anyone. Alex Barnham, Potters Bar Town FC

Our subscription to FootiePrint was an urgent requirement on our part and we were quite short on time to get something organised. We were delighted with all aspects of the service and the substantial financial savings compared to our previous supplier.

Dave Oldridge, Goole AFC

FootiePrint are a fantastic company to use for all your design and print needs. We have a quarterly fanzine edited and distributed quarterly which brings the community together and always gets great feedback around Worthing FC and for the Supporters Association.

Sam Virgoe, Worthing FC SA

From initial conversations, to start up design to regular deliver I cannot recommend FootiePrint enough! They are keen to support emerging clubs and whilst we appreciate our order is only small in the grand scheme of things, we never feel like we receive anything less than a top-class service. I have told and continue to tell other clubs about this amazing service and affordable option. Scott Barlow, Epworth Town Colts

Non-league clubs often face the challenge of being thin on volunteer time and/ or expertise when it comes to programme production, with the perception a good one will break the bank. However, James at FootiePrint provides the perfect solution in bringing together all our club's content better than we ever could in-house, with eye-catching design and a professionally printed product that is cost effective. As a result, our programme this season has brought many positive comments from supporters, while adding to their general match day experience and remembrance of our club. We would happily recommend FootiePrint for both programme design and cost-efficient printing needs. Simon Jasinski, Kennington FC

We needed to upgrade our match programme as we had lost our designer. Spoke to James who gave us a very reasonable quote and came up with a new design almost immediately!! Very happy. Darren Outhwaite, Padiham FC

Footie Print has provided our programme design and printing throughout the 2019-20 season. The level of service and communication has been outstanding and allows the club to focus on football and leave Footie Print to get on with the programme without worrying about it. Carl Marsden, Bradford Park Avenue

The service that FootiePrint provides is very professional and his design ability is second to none, James is a pleasure to work with and is extremely helpful. Without any consideration I would recommend FootiePrint to any other local club in our area. Matt Davis, Wick FC, Bristol

Good standard of programme, excellent communication and Customer service, all at a good price. Daren Bloor, Hendon

Making the decision to engage FootiePrint as our official Matchday Programme provider was one of the best decisions we have ever made, a fantastic top-class service which we would highly recommend to other Football Clubs. Kevin Fryett, Redcar Athletic FC

James at FootiePrint has been exceptional from day one, the service offered where nothing ever seems to be a problem. One of the best traits for any business to business trading is the speed in replies to questions or amendments or even just advice and James excels in this at any time day or night. Working with James has been a pleasure, having produced the programme for many seasons this is adding the ‘pro’ touch to our non-league game. The feedback from supporters has been an overwhelming 10 out of 10. If you are considering a change or even if you aren’t send James an email like us I think you will be really surprised that there are people out there that really care for your club as much as you do that you may not have met yet. Stu Morgan Haywards Heath Town FC Isthmian South East

Footie Print have been excellent with the design process at the start of the season and flexible in their approach to the template. They show an understanding of the game and the seasonal logistics with cup competitions and weather issues. Gary Langley, Met Police FC

As a complete novice coming into programme printing/design for the club the assistance I have received has been nothing short of spectacular. Cannot say enough good things!

Colin Weston, Met Police FC

A quality, professional service. Would highly recommend. Mark Bailey, Padiham

I contacted James as wanted to look at outsourcing our programme and have been very impressed with what’s been produced. The communication is top draw as well as the openness to embrace new ideas and put these into “print”. Having delivery also sorted is one less job for someone at the club to “collect the programmes”. Great customer service and would highly recommend to any other clubs at non-league level. Rob Zirpolo, Chairman Peterborough Northern Star FC

Extremely professional service, as is the delivered product. Superb from start to finish.

Darren Eliot, Kings Langley



All those who entered the survey were entered into a draw to get a 15% discount off their next programme. All were entered into a random wheel generator, and the winner is:


Congratulations to Daz Outhwaite at Padiham FC - 15% off your next programme is yours!

Thank you to everyone who took part in the survey - your custom and support is very much appreciated! James, FP

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